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I have been teaching German in the Ripon School District for 13 years and Spanish for Moraine Park Technical College for the last two years. After much soul searching and missions trips to Nicaragua and Costa Rica, I made the difficult decision to switch from my love and passion of teaching World Languages: German, to a new love and passion working with ELL students. As sad as I am to switch over, I am equally excited for the new challenges. I am one month away from attaining my Master's Degree in Curriculum and Instruction and cannot wait for my time to be freed up to do the things I love : reading, journaling, painting, playing soccer, and fishing with my boyfriend. Even though I always catch bigger fish than he catches.

Here is a list of my assignments for this class and ultimately graduate school !!!

Let's LINK them off as we go:

Group Blog Crime on the Net
The exponential growth of technology has brought about new challenges facing our legal system. Cybercrime also known as Net crime refers to criminal exploitation of the Internet. The issues surrounding cybercrime are important, particularly those surrounding child porn, hacking, copyright infringement, and privacy to name a few. This blog explores three aspects of Cybercrime: its definition, cyber ethics and protection, and the changing cyber laws.

Twitter Reflection

This link will connect you with my experiences on Twitter.

ESL Resources Blog
Here is the release of the personal blog. Starting my new position in the area of ELL, I am looking for collaboration on which resources are the best to service ELL students. I hope for my personal blog that people will add resources. Tell me what they think about reseources that are listed and offer ideas in general.

**Oh the Places You'll Go!**

Here is my link to Google Maps. This map trails my life journey thus far. Have fun walking my life and seeing what I've seen and being part of what makes me- me!

My Design Project

I know you are excited to see what I have done with a standard notebook. It could get a little more exciting, but it probably won't!

The online community of Runescape. Similar to World of Warcaft, but on a much lower sclae. Some of my students were sayng that they play,. so I decided to check it out.

Voice Thread
My Voice thread is a communicative activity for the ELL classroom. Check it out fellow ELL teachers. You might like the idea and come up with something similar.

It's Playtime!
Enjoy my final reflection podcast of class!

"Le couer a ses raisons que la raison ne connaît point. (Translation: The heart has its reasons which reason knows not.)
Enjoy the WIKI! -Amy